Access to Learning Fund

If you are a student and a UK national you may be eligible for the Access to Learning Fund, which provides financial assistance to help you access and remain in higher education.

The Fund is available to students who face higher than expected costs, sudden financial emergencies or serious financial problems during their course. You can apply to the Fund to request financial assistance for course-related costs, travel or for general living costs such as food or rent.

How it's accessed

Assessments are made by looking at your expected income and what we consider to be reasonable expenditure on living costs, rent, travel and course-related costs. There are national guidelines to assist us with this and we do take into account local conditions for costs such as rent and travel, for example. If there appears to be a shortfall between your income and your expenditure, then you may qualify for a “standard” Access to Learning Fund award.  We will also consider “non-standard” elements of your application, for example, priority debts or emergency situations.

When you can apply

You may apply to the Fund at any stage during your period of study here at Aston.  If you are an undergraduate you are required to have applied for your full income assessed Student Maintenance Loan entitlement prior to submitting your application and if you are a postgraduate you need to provide evidence that you have made the financial provision to fund your tuition fees and core living costs before we consider your application. If you qualify for a payment from the Fund, it will not usually have to be repaid. 

Further information

Application forms and further information and advice is available from the Student Funds Administrator, Patrick Coughlan or you can contact Aston's Financial Assistance Unit on +44 (0) 121 204 4711 or fau@aston.ac.uk.

You can also visit Access to Learning Fund on the DirectGov website.


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