Creative Writing

Why choose this course?

Student Advice Point

This course is for you if you have a yearning to go on a journey of self discovery and reflection; allowing you to create believable characters and story lines that are influenced and inspired from you, your memories and feelings from the past.  

You will keep a creative learning diary that will guide your imagination leading to a final written original contribution to the course anthology. 

Also you will learn the theory behind journalistic writing and how to present events and stories of interest through concise and factual use of language.   

By the end of the course you will have a professional portfolio of written templates that can be used for academic essays, formal letters, statements and job applications. 

Participant’s English level needs to be intermediate or above (intermediate, upper-intermediate or Advanced).

 Introduction - Who are you?
Learn how to write a professional job application and personal statement.
 Create a curriculum vitae tailored to English requirements.  Essay writing.
 Writing from personal experience and constructing a story.
 Developing a character.
 Create a journalistic article.
 Computer session to email professional pieces of work. 
 One to one session to feedback and select creative writing piece for the anthology. 
 Completion of course work, and readings from anthology.


This course begins with introspective activities that allow participants to ponder on who they are and what they want to do and be in the world.  Word games and ice breakers are used throughout the course. 

As a group, memories and experiences are shared with respect and consideration for everyone in the class being paramount on the creative journey.  

This course draws from well known literary techniques that will allow the writer to express atmospheric settings for characters and storylines to begin narrative exploration. 

Participants will read aloud their written contributions throughout the course.

Classes are supplemented with written handouts, exercises’, techniques and guidance on how to write creatively and professionally; teaching formal layout for letters of application, CVs, academic essays and professional statements. 

You will have access to computers so that you can type up and submit your own piece of writing at the end of the course and reflect on how you can use your new skills in the future.

A one to one tutorial will be given on the final piece for the course anthology and written feedback will be given from your tutor throughout the course. 

  • You will develop your written and spoken English in an innovative, holistic and relaxed environment gaining insight and constructive feedback from your peers and tutor. 

  • Your confidence in writing and speaking English throughout the course will increase. 

  • Writing can change your life. You could get the job you’ve always dreamed of, if your application has conviction and meaning. You can use words to express yourself in the form of poetry or storytelling. 

  • Whether your writing is for entertainment, self expression or for professional gratification, you will explore in detail how to develop your English writing skills.

sian isu tutor

Siân Finn, born and bred in Birmingham has taught the creative writing module at the International Summer University since 2008; she is a recent BSc graduate of psychology gaining her degree at London South Bank University.  

Having worked in sales for 10 years, Siân wanted to put her professional skills into generating creativity and social capital as opposed to financial. Beginning her creative writing journey in 2005 she started writing after attending a short creative writing course and was inspired by Birmingham author Jackie Gay. Since receiving her TESOL Level 4 qualification in 2006 Siân has taught a variety of English language courses as a freelance tutor in Birmingham and London.  

Whilst studying in London Siân became a residential volunteer at Toynbee Hall an East London charity and has worked on several community learning, engagement projects and initiatives within the borough of Tower Hamlets.  Currently living and employed at Toynbee Hall her previous role as the Archives Learning and Development Officer saw Siân make the rich history of the charity come to life and accessible to the community through the development of activities and materials, organisation of volunteers, interactive learning workshops and training sessions.  

Siân currently supervises and coordinates free legal advice sessions to members of the community.  Siân is the tutor for the Education and National Development module at the College for International Citizenship (CIC) and is alumna from cohort 7.  


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