One of the most important aspects of living on campus is safety and security. 
The University operates 24-hour CCTV coverage for the protection of staff, students and visitors, and our Security staff, who are available 24 hours a day, patrol the site regularly. 

Living on campus, you benefit from:

  • University Managed Accommodation 
  • Enhanced Security Patrol provision 
  • 24 hour Welfare provision 
  • Residential Services Staff on site 
  • Residence Tutors on site 
  • Swipe card access to accommodation

How you can help

Be vigilant and always keep your windows and bedroom door locked. Keep your valuables out of sight and do not leave your belongings unattended.

We ask that you ensure that the entry doors to your flats remain closed at all times, preventing intruders gaining entry. If you are asked to hold a door open to let someone enter the building, refuse politely. This is known as 'Tailgating’ and is the most widely used method of gaining unauthorised entry.

In case of emergency

Internal Number

The Security Office at the Main Building is staffed 24 hours a day and is able to deal with emergencies of all types. In the event of an emergency: 

  • The external number for security is 0121 204 2222
  • The internal number for security is 2222
  • Calling security from a mobile number is 0121 359 2922.

You are strongly advised to keep unoccupied bedrooms locked at all times. In addition you should ensure that windows are secure as insurance companies will not meet claims where doors/windows are left unlocked.

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