Committees & Reports

The University has a main Health & Safety Committee ("HSC"), with members from all Schools and Departments, meeting on a bi-monthly basis.  This Committee is chaired by the Director of Staff and Student Services, and has a remit which extends throughout all academic, support, student and residential areas.  The HSC reports in turn to the University Council and Executive.

The main HSC has a number of sub-committees, which look at specific issues such as Radiological Safety and Genetic Manipulation.

Executive Deans and Heads of Support Departments are responsible for the management of health and safety within areas under their control. Many schools and departments have established their own health and safety sub-committees to discuss local safety issues and act as a channel of communication for health and safety issues.

There is also a Health & Safety Audit Group ("HSAG") which is responsible for monitoring the way in which health and safety issues are addressed internally within Schools and Departments.  The HSAG will conduct an internal audit of each area of the University approximately every 2 years, and will provide a detailed report to the HSC, recommending areas for improvement and commending good practice wherever possible.

The Health & Safety Unit issues an Annual Report to the Council on the management of health and safety within the University.  This report highlights the main issues considered over the calendar year, and includes statistical data on health and safety performance during the period.

The Annual Reports can be downloaded here: