Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is a process where judgements are made about the harm that might arise from an activity at work, and the chance - the likelihood - that the harm will occur. The main purpose of risk assessment is simply to determine whether planned or existing control measures, eg systems of work and physical safeguards, are adequate or need to be improved.  It is a legal requirement that written assessments be produced of all significant risks associated with work activities.

Anyone carrying out a risk assessment should be properly trained and competent to do so.  If you need a risk assessment carried out, you should contact your local School or Department Health and Safety Adviser in the first instance.

Once a risk assessment is completed, those who may be affected by the hazards identified should be made aware of the risks and the control measures in place to minimise them.  The most effective way of doing this is by producing a safe operating procedure (SOP).  SOPs can then be trained out easily to groups or individuals.

If you have any specific questions regarding risk assessment then contact the Safety Office  

Safety Management Standards

Internal Resources & Training

The University offers a risk assessment training course which can be booked via the Aston Staff Portal.

There are various ways of completing risk assessments and risk assessment training provided by the HSU will introduce you to different ways of completing them. For those people who have attended training, access to the new style documents is available here:

Further guidance:

External Resources

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