Guidance on the Transport of Hazardous Materials

At Aston University there are activities which take place involving the movement of materials which may be hazardous, by virtue of their chemical, physical or biological properties.  For example, it may be necessary to move solvents or other chemicals, cryogenic liquids and solids, compressed gases etc, from storage areas to work areas and back, throughout University buildings or cross-campus, depending on requirements.

If you need to undertake any activity involving the movement of hazardous materials, you should contact your local health and safety adviser in the first instance.  Anyone involved in transporting hazardous materials should be adequately trained, and the Safety Office can provide more advice on training if required.

Guidance on the operational aspects of transporting hazardous materials can be downloaded here.

Aston University - Guidance on the Transport of Hazardous Materials

Click here to download and print the Guidance (PDF version)