There is practically no indoor work area in any type of employment that is without an electricity supply of some kind and at least one piece of electrical equipment – even if its only a lamp controlled by a light switch!  At the University there are literally tens of thousands of items.

As well as the University's overall responsibility as the main duty Holder under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, individual Schools and Departments have a duty within their own areas for any equipment used.

Duty holders within the University need to:

  • identify all electrical systems and equipment
  • list equipment by type of equipment and frequency of testing
  • carry out tests, produce & maintain test records

Further information about the responsibilities of duty holders and guidance on the maintenance, inspection and testing of equipment can be downloaded here.  If you have any problems with electrical equipment or the electrical supply, in the first instance please contact the Estates helpdesk on extension 4000 or email estates_helpdesk@aston.ac.uk

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