A - Z Health & Safety Topics

This list includes all health and safety topics that are relevant to the work of the University. All information, standards and resources are available within the topic section.

Safety Management Standards (SMS)

These documents are in the process of being produced for all the topics listed and will assist the University in ensuring it has a robust health and safety management system. These documents provide information to managers on what steps they must take to comply with legislative requirements.

Example Local Arrangement

To demonstrate how each area will comply with the requirements of each SMS, they will need to produce a local arrangement. The example found in each of the topic areas are based on how they would be implemented within the Health and Safety Unit. Local managers must therefore develop these for their own areas. Local arrangements play an essential role in auditing compliance with the SMS.

Internal Resources

You will find in this section any other information, guidance or training that supports Schools and Support Areas in implementing the SMS.

External Resources

You will find in this section links to other information or guidance from external websites.