Kevin Hughes

Site Radiation Officer

Site Radiation Officer

As the Site Radiation Officer, I provide an overall co-ordinating role to the University for all aspects of radiation work and radiological safety, involving both ionising (radioactive material and x-rays) and non-ionising (microwaves, lasers, ultraviolet light and strong magnetic fields eg MRI/MNR) radiations.  My main objective is to ensure the University remains in compliance with the relevant legislation or Approved Codes of Practice.

I am vice chair of the Radiological Safety Sub-Committee and also a member of the Health & Safety Committee, the Life & Health Sciences Health & Safety Advisory Committee, and the Health & Safety Audit Group.

Although my role is fundamentally radiation safety, over many years working at Aston, I have gained knowledge and awareness of other aspects of health and safety, and enjoy getting involved with these and seeing many of the issues being successfully resolved.