Business Services

We provide business growth and improvement services to many organisations each year, from innovative regional SMEs to major global players, to whom our research is critical to their success. We work with businesses to offer advice on how to attract industrial and commercial research funding, provide information about student and graduate recruitment, as well as offering specialist training through professional development programmes.

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To find out more: 

Contact the team on 0121 204 4242, send an email or see below for individual contact details.

 Name  Position  Ext  Email
 Nat Golden  Strategic Funding Manager ABS/LSS  4565  n.golden@aston.ac.uk
 Angela Jeffery  Strategic Business Partner  3366  a.jeffery@aston.ac.uk
 Paul Jones  Research Systems Manager  4443  p.jones5@aston.ac.uk
 Paul Knobbs  EU and Large Project Partner  4150  p.r.knobbs@aston.ac.uk
 Jeanette Lilley  Professional Development Advisor  4609  j.lilley@aston.ac.uk
 Paul Maropoulos  PVC for Research and Knowledge Exchange  3094  p.g.maropoulos@aston.ac.uk
 Martin May  KTP Manager  4253  m.r.may@aston.ac.uk
 Sharon McLaughlan  Operations Coordinator  4259  s.a.mclaughlan@aston.ac.uk
 Samera Karim  Marketing Coordinator
 4298 s.karim6@aston.ac.uk
 Kevin O'Reilly  Awards and Contracts Specialist  4241  k.d.oreilly@aston.ac.uk
 Sally Puzey  Director Research Strategy and Impact
 4243  s.a.puzey@aston.ac.uk
 John Richards  Funding and Industry Partner  4254  j.e.richards@aston.ac.uk
 Elizabeth Rogers  Marketing and Operations Manager  5486  e.rogers2@aston.ac.uk
 Ann Sanderson  ERDF Consultant  4247  t-sandersa@aston.ac.uk
 Chris Stokes  Strategic Funding Manager EAS  4039  c.stokes1@aston.ac.uk
 Emily Wakefield  Industry Projects Manager  3396  e.l.wakefield@aston.ac.uk
 Karen Woodhall  Strategic Funding Manager LHS/AMS  4616  k.a.woodhall@aston.ac.uk
 Julie Goodwin  PA to PVCs  4643  j.goodwin1@aston.ac.uk
 Emma Mason  Business Relationship Manager  3448  e.mason@aston.ac.uk
 Magda Kosmopoulou
 Business Development Manager
 3624  m.kosmopoulou@aston.ac.uk
 Simonas Bandzius  Grants and Contracts Officer (EAS and ABS)  5393  s.bandzius1@aston.ac.uk
 Karina Tveen-Jensen  Grants and Contracts Officer (LHS and LSS)  5020  k.tveen-jensen@aston.ac.uk
 Larry Atwood  REF Impact Manager  4871  l.atwood@aston.ac.uk