Principal investigator development opportunities

There are several internal and external resources and development opportunities that are relevant to PIs. These include:

These management development opportunities, which rang from half day courses to 12 month professional qualifications, are offered by Aston's Human Resources - Staff & Graduate Development. If you are interested in attaining a management qualification we currently offer the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Award and Certificate in Leadership and Management . For further information on these development opportunities, click here.
The Leadership Foundation for Higher Education offers a range of resources and events for PIs. These include 'Research Team Leader', which is held on the 13 November 2014, in Birmingham, for lecturers, senior lecturers or readers, who have recently been appointed as principal investigators or who are currently leading small research teams. For further information, click here.
There are online resources to support the leadership development of Principal Investigators, produced by three universities and funded by the Leadership Foundation. These include a range of resources to support leadership and management that all research staff will find interesting and informative. It provides guidance and support in five key areas:
  • Leading a Research Team

  • Legal and Ethical Issues

  • Developing Your Researchers

  • Managing Your Research Career

  • Managing Research Finances