Starting a Family/ Having Children

Having children

Deciding to have a baby may be one of the biggest decisions you  ever make. Along with the wonderful feeling of being a parent comes great responsibility. Your children may become the most important people in your world. Their happiness, their health, their safety, their future are paramount to you. While having children may change your priorities in relation to work, they also make work and the quality of work even more important for the security of your family.

Whether you are a single or joint parent, it is important to think and talk about the future in terms of your career. Mothers/ prospective mothers/ adoptive parents will need to take a break from their jobs but the length of that break will depend upon each individual’s circumstances and approach. You will need to consider the maternity/adoption leave agreement, keeping in touch with the University and making arrangements for your return to work. Fathers/ partners may also wish to consider taking a break in addition to their paternity leave entitlement. Both partners may wish to consider flexible working options. If you or you and your partner are both at work, who will take care of the child? You will need to look into nursery facilities or consider childminders or the possibility of getting help from a family member or friend. Making the decisions about childcare arrangements takes time and serious thought. You need to feel, on your return to work, that you are happy and confident about these, so start planning early and have a contingency plan in case circumstances change

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