Career Development

In order to meet the demands of your current role, to prepare yourself for future challenges, or to start working towards achieving your aspirations, there is often a need to develop your skills and knowledge in particular areas. How you work towards meeting these needs is a personal decision often based on past experience of what you enjoy doing and what has proved to work. This is something you have probably discussed with your manager during your Performance Development Review.

Before undertaking any form of personal development, it is important to be clear on:

  • The exact need you are looking to meet

  • The learning activity best suited to meeting your development need

  • The resources you will require to support you

  • How you will know whether the learning activity has worked

  • The time available to you to complete the learning activity and subsequently incorporate your learning into your work.

The Centre for Staff and Graduate Development provides details of learning activities available to all staff.

If there are any particular subjects that you would like to see covered in these pages, please contact the well-being team at wellbeing@aston.ac.uk.