Sport Aston has a range of facilities and activities for you to get involved in. This includes the Sport Aston Gym, aerobics classes, yoga, sports and activities in the Gem Sports Centre, the Outdoor Recreation Centre and from Aston’s 3G football pitches. There are trained gym instructors who you can speak to for tips and advice.

Check out what Sport Aston has to offer.

Being physically active is a good way to maintain general fitness. Activities and exercise such as long walks, jogging, aerobics, gym workout sessions, yoga, sports and dance classes can all increase fitness levels as well as helping to relieve the effects of stress.   

In fact, the benefits of exercise are well established, i.e. its impact on diseases such as coronary heart disease, obesity and diabetes. However, there has also been growing evidence for the increasing role of exercise in the treatment of mental health, and in improving mental well-being in the general population.

An ideal health schedule for most people is aim for 40 minutes of aerobic exercise three times per week. This level of intensity will be regulated by your heart, your age, and your fitness level and it will generally improve with training. To achieve your aerobic level, you should train until speech starts to become difficult but not laboured. This could be a gym work out session, aerobics classes, jogging, walking or taking part in sporting activities. However, overtraining has its own problems such as lethargy, injuries and ill health. The “day on, day off”, is a good general rule.

Don’t forget about the Athletic Union for a number of sports clubs and societies which you can join if you are a student here at Aston University.