Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Work involving Display Screen Equipment (DSE) must comply with the requirements of the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992.  This includes equipment used on University premises and that used by employees at home regularly for work-related duties.

Schools and Departments have a local responsibility regarding DSE assessment of users and their workstations.  Workstations provided for student use should also be of an appropriate standard.  Further guidance on DSE assessment may be downloaded here.

DSE users are entitled to have their eyesight tested; eye tests are carried out only by Vision Sciences, during term time (except by special arrangement).  Staff should arrange their eye test, by arrangement with their line manager, directly with reception in Vision Sciences on 0121 204 3900.  Claims for the cost of eye sight tests carried out other than by Vision Sciences will not be met by the University. 

Employees should be trained to use their DSE equipment properly.  The Health & Safety Unit has training aids available, including a video "In Your Own Interest - How to Work Safely with Display Screens", which can be loaned to Schools or Departments for local staff training.

Employees should also be encouraged to follow guidance on posture, correct use of the mouse, and appropriate exercises during long periods of DSE work.  There are also general and daily checklists for DSE users, based upon advice given in the video.

If you have any problems with DSE, please contact the Health & Safety Unit or your trained DSE Assessor.

Downloads are available for the following information sheets regarding use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE): 

DSE Policy