Sickness Absence Recording

This is currently under review.  Please ask your HR Advisor if you have any queries.  Alternatively contact the HR Helpdesk on ext 4500 or email hr_helpdesk@aston.ac.uk

The first phase of the new HR and Payroll System is currently being implemented.

In order that the system can correctly calculate an employee’s entitlement to Occupational and Statutory Sick Pay, it will be necessary to change the way in which information about such absence is gathered. To minimise the workload on Schools and Departments the current weekly sickness absence return will be replaced by a monthly return. A copy of the new form is available to download and print from the Human Resources web site – Monthly Absence Return Form and it would be helpful if it could be used from September 2007 onwards. The form should be signed by Executive Deans/Heads of Departments or their nominees.

The main change is as follows:

  • Working Patterns must be recorded for employees who are absent due to sickness;
  • A “Working Pattern” is the days of the week upon which an employee would normally work. Even if the sickness absence is for one day, the working pattern for the whole week will be required;
  • Periods of annual leave booked during any week in which an employee is absent due to sickness should be disregarded and treated as a normal working week;
  • Where an employee has no regular working pattern, the working pattern which applies to the week(s) in which a period of sickness absence occurs should be recorded.
  • NIL returns should be submitted to ensure that returns are received from all areas of the University.

Ultimately, it is planned that absence can be recorded electronically. Further development of the system will also enable absences such as annual leave to be requested and authorised (for those Schools and Departments that may wish to use this facility).

Please let me know if the above changes in sickness absence recording cause you any difficulty.

Last updated at 3.00 pm on 06/09/07