Recruitment and Selection

  • Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure - this procedure applies to all appointments, with the exception of the appointment of casual workers.  HR Advisors are available to advise, support and assist recruiting managers at all stages of the recruitment process.  For the guidelines relating to the appointment, immigration checking and paying of Casual and Agency staff please click here.

  • Grade the post to be recruited to (if required) - for help with this please contact your HR Advisor 

  • Obtain authorisation for the post  (Word format) - this form should be authorised by the Executive Dean/Head of Department and given to your HR Advisor who will submit the form to EOG if necessary for final approval.  For the appointment of Marie-Curie Fellows ONLY please use this form.

  • Decide whether advertising is necessary - in the case of Emergency/Crucial Appointments, Sessional Teaching Appointments, Named Researchers, Laureates, Visiting Scholars, Returning Employees advertising may not always be necessary

  • Emeritus, Honorary and Visiting Appointments Information and Form

  • Vacancy Manager - guidelines for Recruiting Managers (Vacancy Owners), Shortlisting Panel Members and Interview Panel Members (Vacancy Users) relating to advertising vacancies on our online recruitment system

  • Interview Expense Form -   for the reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred when attending for an interview for appointment with the University for anyone who is travelling from outside a 30 mile radius of the University. Normally, we would use the current residence address on the application form to determine the distance.