Recruitment and the EU referendum

Following the outcome of the EU referendum, a number of concerns have been raised within the university sector, including the right to work and study in the UK, the status of student loans, the position of UK universities within the Horizon 2020 research framework, and participation in the Erasmus + programme.

We wish to reassure anyone applying for a job at Aston University that discussions have been and continue to take place with senior figures in Government, the Civil Service and higher education to ensure that these concerns are addressed.  Although the referendum result was in favour of leaving the EU, there is no immediate change to the University’s teaching and learning, research or recruitment activities and we will continue to work as normal.

Aston thrives as part of an international community of scholars and students, and we remain, along with other UK universities, totally committed to global cooperation and to supporting our staff and students who come from all over the world.

The Government has made it clear that the referendum result will have no immediate effect on researchers applying to Horizon 2020. The UK’s status as a full member of Horizon 2020 has not changed, meaning existing projects and contracts will be honoured and UK institutions are fully eligible still to apply for all Horizon 2020 funding streams.

We will issue further statements as the situation evolves. But overall, we will carry on working as normal and will continue to be optimistic and innovative for the future.