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Human Resources Environmental Impact Statement

Human Resources are dedicated to furthering the University's commitment to becoming a more sustainable University. 

Human Resources won a silver award in the 2010 Go Green Awards.  Go Green is an environmental accreditation scheme. It comprises a list of criteria with each delivering a practical action that will help your department to reduce its impact on the environment.

For more information on the environment and sustainability at Aston please visit: http://www1.aston.ac.uk/about/environment/

To download a copy of the Human Resources Environmental Impact Statement please click the link below:



Human Resources have been looking at ways in which we can reduce our impact on the environment by reducing the resources we use.

Web Recruitment

On the 1 March 2011 HR implemented a web based Recruitment System. Our aim was to significantly reduce the financial and environmental costs associated with recruitment activity within the HR Department and across the University.

By making the whole recruitment process accessible online from applying for a vacancy to short listing and corresponding with applicants we have been able to significantly reduce the resources used. 

Web recruitment has been very well received by managers and applicants; with well over 95% of applicants applying online, we no longer need to print out application forms and further particulars to send out or to print out the completed application forms for short listing and interviews.  Between January and December 2010 Human Resources received 8601 applications by email and by post.   Of these applicants 1675 were interviewed, who all received interview invite packs and an average of three reference requests packs per candidate. This amounted to over £6600 in stationery costs and in excess of 120,000 piece of paper. The implementation of the web recruitment system has reduced the annual stationery cost for recruitment to around £600 by minimising postage and printing and has cut paper consumption by over 90%.

Our continuing philosophy is to encourage the use of the online system to reduce the impact of recruitment on the environment, and to lead the way forward in exploiting technology to limit our carbon footprint whilst delivering a first class recruitment service.


Academic promotion boards are held each year at School and University level to decide who will be going forward for promotion, since 2009 we have succeeded in making this process relatively paperless, all information is received from candidates and uploaded directly onto Blackboard for board members to view, also referees and external assessors are contacted electronically and their responses uploaded to make this process greener and more time and cost effective. This amounted to saving over £300 in stationery costs and in excess of 14,300 pieces of paper each year.  

Immigration Checks

Since September 2009 all immigration checks for casual and sessional staff that are performed by Human Resources have been scanned onto the HR System to reduce the need for photocopying. This amounted to saving over £50 in stationery costs and in excess of 4,500 piece of paper each year.  


The Human Resources department is committed to recycling. In addition to the standard paper recycling bins, we also recycle plastic, aluminium, glass, printer toners and cartridges.  We also recycle stamps, which are collected and sent off to the RSPB whom sell them on to raise money for their charity. 

The University operates a re-use and recycle scheme, details of which can be found at the following link: http://www1.aston.ac.uk/about/environment/waste-management/recycling-a-z/

May 2011