Feedback on past volunteering activities

Comments from volunteers

Volunteering is a great way to pursue an interest, learn new skills, have some fun and help our local community. Some staff members, who have volunteered, share their volunteering experience.

"Good to be working outside and away from desk, spending the day away from work helps to keep things in perspective".

"It is also great to know that the work carried out actually makes a difference to someone and, therefore, is really appreciated valued'.

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Thank you letters from the local community

Aston University staff have the chance to get out in the fresh air and improve the environment in the local area and for the local community. The following are some of the 'thank you' letters we have received for these activities.

"We would like to commend and acknowledge the effort, commitment, and selflessness that went into the task. I think the work done by you and all your colleagues is worthy of acknowledgement not just by us but by your management. You have all represented the University in an outstanding manner which I assume reflects the ethos of the Campus! I would be proud to work alongside any of you again in the future".

(Thank you letter from Edward's Trust)