Environmental challenges

Aston University has a partnership with several charities and public service organisations who source and/or provide environmental challenge days for Aston staff in the local community.  We source locations mostly in socially deprived areas that are in need of improvement and revitalisation to realise their potential as areas of beauty, wildlife and natural rest and recreation for local users.

Erecting the Base sign
CSV & Aston group

Highlights of past challenges:

Testimonials from Aston staff volunteers last November about an environment challenge at Washwood Heath Youth Inclusion Centre 'The Base' at Ward End Park' (Nov 2009)

'Seeing a visible improvement in the local community at the end of the challenge’

‘Meeting staff from other departments and finding out what they do’

‘Learning about the work of community projects’

‘Learning new skills like planting trees and setting benches’

‘Being in the fresh air’

‘Opportunity for team work with other Aston staff, students and external volunteers’

‘Enjoying the physical work’

If you decide to participate in this challenge you will you enjoy it as much as staff have enjoyed past challenges.