Pay Modernisation

The information on this page relates to how the new pay spine was introduced at Aston University and the way in which a new grading structure and method of assimilation were used to replace 50 grades with just 10.

Staff were mapped on to the new grading structure via the application of the Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA) process.  The assimilation of staff to the new grades took effect from 1 August 2006.

These pages contain information about Pay Modernisation at Aston.

Pay Modernisation Bulletin One

Pay Modernisation Bulletin Two
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New Salary Scales from 1 August 2006

(includes details of the 2006 National Pay Award – providing salary rates up to October 2008)

Assimilation Scales

Former Clerical Scales

Clerical 1

Clerical 2

Clerical 3

Clerical 4

Clerical 5

Clerical 6

Former ALC Scales






Former Academic Scales

Lecturer A

Lecturer B

Senior Lecturer/Reader

Former Other Related Scales

OR 1

OR 2

OR 3

OR 4

OR 5

Former Technician Scales

Technical A

Technical B

Technical C

Technical D

Technical E

Technical F

Technical G

Technical H

Technical I

Former Research Scales

Research IA

Research IB

Research II

Research III

Former Nursery Scales

Nursery Manager

Deputy Manager

Nursery Officer

Nursery Nurse

Nursery Carer

Former Security Scales

Security Officer

Security Patrol

Former Manual Grades

Manual 1

Manual 2

Manual 3

Manual 4

Manual 5

Manual 6

Former Trades Grades


Trades Semi-Skilled

Former Gardeners/Grounds Grades

Gardeners/Grounds 4

Gardeners/Grounds 5

Gardeners/Grounds 6

Former Leisure Assistant Grades

Leisure Assistant
(Manual 4)

Leisure Assistant A
(Manual 5)

Senior Leisure Assistant
(Manual 6)

Hourly Rates of Pay

Aston Grades 1-7

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