Guidelines and procedure for travel outside the UK

All travel must be requested and authorised in advance, with as much notice as possible (ideally at least 6 weeks in advance)

Please download and save the following documents to your desktop:

Procedure for travel outside the UK – the guidelines

‘Travel outside the UK on University business’ form

Appendix 1: Exemplar template

Appendix 2: Template itinerary

Please electronically complete the ‘Travel outside the UK on University business’ form and then forward to the Executive Dean’s or Head of Department’s PA/Secretary or other designated office.

With a view to maintaining a central record of who is where on University business outside the UK at any one time, the designated person in each School/Department should forward an electronic copy of the International Travel Form to Martin Johnson, Governance Support Team, Deputy Secretary's Office, as soon as the visit has been approved by the Executive Dean or Head of Department.

Bribery act

Please note that the Bribery Act has now come into force, and you need to aware of the rules and regulations regarding hospitality and gifts.

Staff travelling abroad may be contacted by:

a. International Office (http://www1.aston.ac.uk/staff/internationaloffice/) to:

• provide country briefing, if relevant

• provide any useful contact details, if relevant

• set up any meetings, if appropriate and relevant

(please do contact the International Office if you would like their support )

b. Alumni Office (http://www1.aston.ac.uk/alumni/contact/) to see if there is any alumni work which can be organised

c. Alan Hawkesworth in Finance (ext 4387 or a.p.hawkesworth@aston.ac.uk), to seek clarification regarding insurance cover. If relevant, University Insurance documentation will be provided. If academic staff are travelling on non-University business (eg consultancy), please note that they will NOT be covered by University insurance. Please ensure that there is adequate insurance cover in place.

Staff must check the Travel Advice section of the Foreign & Commonwealth office website (https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice) to ensure that there are no advisory warnings. It is the member of staff’s responsibility to be aware and monitor this advice during the planning stage.

Where there are advisory warnings given, staff must pay particular attention. There are different categories of advice:

a. FCO advises against ALL travel to…

b. FCO advises against ALL travel to PARTS of…

c. FCO advises against ALL but ESSENTIAL travel to…

d. FCO advises against ALL but ESSENTIAL travel to PARTS of…

Please note that staff are NOT covered by the University insurance for categories a and b. For categories c and d, Executive Deans/Heads of Departments must refer the authorisation form to John Walter (Director of Governance) j.g.walter@aston.ac.uk.

Staff can then make their travel plans accordingly and travel should be booked through the designated University companies to ensure staff get the best value for money: (http://www1.aston.ac.uk/staff/centralprocurement/buying-at-aston/products/?entryid3=56038&char=T). However, if cheaper flights / deals can be found on the internet, please inform the travel agents and ensure the cheaper flights are booked.

If significant changes occur to the itinerary, staff are required to file their final itinerary with their School / Department. This itinerary must give flight and accommodation details.