Pensions and Flexible Benefits are part of the Payroll & Pensions section of Human Resources.

Information on any issue relating to the University's pension schemes can be obtained from:

Peter Brookes
Pensions & Flexible Benefits Officer

Ext: 4582

Email: p.c.brookes@aston.ac.uk

Occupational pension schemes available at Aston are:


Information on Auto-enrolment into Pension Saving


Aston operates USS and AUPS as a salary sacrifice called the Pension Salary Conversion.

Pension Salary Conversion Q&As


Pension Scams Banner


Have you been contacted out of the blue by ‘phone, text message or door-to-door with a tempting offer? ‘One-off pension investments’, ‘pension loans’ or “upfront cash” are all being used to entice people to move their pension benefits out of their existing schemes. Many of these offers will be bogus and you could lose all of your pension savings. As well as losing your savings, you may also have to pay a tax charge of over half the value of your pension savings for taking an ‘unauthorised payment’.

Check the facts before you make an irreversible decision. A lifetime’s savings can be lost in a moment.

Visit this website, run by the Pensions Regulator, to find out more www.pension-scams.com