Aston University Staff Memberships

The Sir Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre is a fantastic facility for staff to have at their workplace. Staff Memberships are:

Gold    = Gym, Swim, Sauna + Steam & Aerobics classes

Sliver Wet = Gym, Swim, Sauna & Steam

Silver Dry = Gym, Fitness & Yoga Classes

Bronze = Gym only

These are available for 3 or 12 months. Staff also get the option of paying monthly through their salary.

Staff members partners are also able to join for the same prices as Aston Staff and this even applies to the salary payment options. For more information on this please contact sportsenquiries@aston.ac.uk.

Download a Membership Form

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Aston Staff/Spouse/Child Gym or Gym & Swim Membership Options

Payment Options

3 Month Membership  

12 Month Membership








One Off Payment







Weekly Payment





Monthly Payment




*Please show your Aston Staff ID Card to ensure you get the Aston Staff membership prices.

Taking a Membership at The Sir Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre:

Please come to The Sir Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre with the following:

  • Download and fill out the Aston Staff Membership Form

  • Your staff campus ID card

  • Cash or a Credit/Debit Card (we accept all major credit/debit cards except American Express)

  • Sport Aston Staff will take your membership details and process the application. If you are a new user of the facility, an induction session will be booked for you which will take approximately 45 minutes.

    Inductions will take about 45 minutes, depending upon how experienced you are already in using similar gym equipment. Experienced users who have previously been inducted in another gym (including Aston University’s previous facilities) must still be inducted to the Life Fitness equipment.

    This is an opportunity to be shown how to set the machine consoles, how to use the equipment safely and effectively and to ask the gym staff particular questions that you may have about starting an exercise routine.