December Payroll Cut Off/Payment Dates

To ensure people get paid on time please note the Payroll cut off dates this month for all submissions of forms and amendments: 

  • Casuals – cut off 8 th December, pay date 19 th December
  • Monthly Paid Staff – cut off 10 th December, pay date 24 th December
  • Weekly Paid Staff – cut off each Monday of the week.  On Friday 19 th December staff will be paid 3 week’s pay which includes 2 advances for 26 th December 2014 and 2 nd January 2015.

The Payroll Section is part of Human Resources and is located in Room MB716.  For salary information, queries on Tax , expenses or any other deductions from pay please email payroll@aston.ac.uk or see below.

Please note salary payments to:  all monthly paid staff are made on the 26th day of each month, weekly paid staff every Friday and all payment forms received for Casual Workers in the period up to the 7th of the month are paid on the 20th of the month.  If pay day falls on a Saturday/Sunday or Bank Holiday the money will go into the Bank on the first working day prior to the correct day.