Additional Discretionary Salary Points for Senior Lecturer/Reader and Grade 10 Posts

At its meeting on 12 February 2003, the University Council approved a scheme for awarding additional discretionary salary points for Senior Lecturer/Reader and Grade 10 posts. In March 2003, Heads of Schools and Support Departments were invited to make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor, in respect of staff on the appropriate grades in their Schools and Support Departments. Any awards made were effective from 1 April 2003. In future years, from the 2003/2004 Performance-Related Pay Review, this review will be incorporated into the annual Performance-Related Pay Review process for all Schools and Support Departments.


  1. The University has established a mechanism for rewarding and recognising the exceptional personal contributions of a minority of staff employed on the Senior Lecturer/Reader and Grade 10 scales. This is in response to an indication from Heads of Schools/Support Departments that there exists a small group of staff who, whilst not necessarily meeting the criteria for further promotion, nevertheless merit reward, over and above the existing flexibility to award discretionary increments and performance-related merit awards.
  2. The scheme aims to recognise an individual's outstanding and sustained personal performance/contribution to the School/University and to aid the retention of these members of staff.
  3. The scheme will operate as follows:

a) an additional discretionary range of six salary points, above the existing maximum discretionary points on the Senior Lecturer/Reader and Grade 10 scales has been created;

b) this additional discretionary range is non-incremental (ie an individual may be awarded 1 to 5 additional discretionary point(s) but will not automatically progress along the scale);

c) assimilation to the additional discretionary range will normally only be available for staff who are already at the existing maximum discretionary points on the Senior Lecturer/Reader and Grade 10 scales:

d) the award of additional discretionary points will be at the discretion of the Vice-Chancellor and will be on the basis of a recommendation from the relevant Head of School/Support Department;

e) the Vice-Chancellor will report on the detail of his use of the additional discretionary range to the Remuneration Committee at its meeting in July of each year;

f) the additional discretionary range comprises of six salary points, representing incremental steps (2.8%) equivalent to the average increment on the substantive Senior Lecturer/Reader and Grade 10 scales (see current salary scales for details):


the additional discretionary range provides a maximum above Aston's current minimum professorial salary;

Aston has already implemented local discretionary points for some other grades.

  1. When carrying out the annual Performance-Related Pay Review, Heads of Schools/Support Departments will be advised, when considering the award of a merit payment to staff on the additional discretionary range, to have regard to:

the fact that a particular member of staff is already in receipt of an additional discretionary amount in recognition of outstanding personal merit, and:

any honorarium already being received by a member of staff in recognition of holding an Appointed Office of the University/School or other additional role for a fixed period.


4 November, 2002

Approved by Council
12 February 2003

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