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These pages contain information about HERA, the job evaluation scheme in use at Aston.


The Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA) is a systematic method of defining the relative worth of roles within a Higher Education institution. It was selected for use at Aston following a successful trial in 2004 and a sample exercise in 2006 which were both conducted jointly with the campus unions. Aston is one of the many Higher Education institutions using HERA as the methodology for role analysis.

How Does HERA Work

HERA is an analytical scheme, specifically developed within the HE sector, in which all jobs are broken down into 14 elements, known as competencies. It works by gathering information about role requirements from individuals (role holders) and managers through the use of a Job Description and Record of Evidence (JDRE) form. Each competency is assessed by asking questions of role holders and managers which draw out evidence of what is required by the role holder.  This information is then analysed by trained role analysts to produce a total points score. The total score determines the grade of the role in Aston’s salary structure.

For all non teaching and research roles, the JDRE should be completed in order to provide evidence of the competencies required. For new roles this should be completed by the Manager, and for instances where an individual believes their role has changed the role holder should complete the form, in conjunction with their line manager. 

All completed JDREs should be verified by either the line manager or someone who is familiar with the content of the role. Information regarding the verification process is contained within the Guidance on HERA at Aston document.

Guidance & Documents

Role holders and Managers are advised to consult the relevant HR Advisor before completing the JDRE.  The HR Advisor will give a briefing session on how to complete the form and explain the process in more detail so that staff are fully aware of the process and requirements.

The Job Description and Record of Evidence can be down loaded here and should be completed electronically wherever possible.

Guidance on the HERA Process at Aston can also be downloaded here.  You are advised to read through the guidance notes in full before completing the JDRE.

An example of a completed JDRE is available to illustrate the type of evidence required by role holders.

Grade Profiles

To illustrate the competencies, differences in levels of demand and expectations for different grades, a selection of Grade Profiles have been produced.  It should be noted that these profiles are illustrative only and are not indicative of every role within a particular grade. You can access these profiles using the Grade Profile link on the left side of the page.

Teaching & Research Roles

A set of nationally and locally agreed role profiles have been developed that form basic assumptions about Teaching and Research roles (formally known as Academic, Research and Other Related roles). These profiles indicate the main expectations and responsibilities for roles on each grade against the 14 HERA competencies. There are a total of 14 different profiles which have been divided in to 3 different career families which are:

  • Teaching and Research (to replace Academic)

  • Teaching and Scholarship (to replace Other Related)

  • Research.

For staff who are engaged in both Teaching and Research activities (Academics) the University’s Promotions Procedure, which is launched annually, should be used to evaluate individual performance against the criteria outlined in the Teaching and Research profiles.  Staff who are either Teaching or Research only who believe their role has changed may request an evaluation by completing the appropriate Matching form demonstrating how their role meets the criteria of the higher graded profile.

Guidance on completing the matching forms will shortly be available here, and details of all the role profiles can be found on the Teaching and Research page link on the left side of the page.  If you have any questions regarding this process please contact your HR Advisor in the first instance.

We are currently producing some generic job descriptions for Managers to use when creating new posts which require elements of Teaching and/or Research.  These will be available shortly.

Contact Details

If you have queries regarding Role Analysis at Aston, please contact the appropriate HR Advisor or email hradvisors@aston.ac.uk