Citysave Credit Union

Aston University Joins Forces with Citysave Credit Union 

Citysave Credit Union has partnered with Aston University to provide staff with a simple payroll deduction savings scheme. Citysave Credit Union is a members benefit organisation that has provided save-as-you-earn support in Birmingham for nearly thirty years. 

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Having a regular savings plan means building up a fund of money towards Christmas, a holiday or just for a rainy day and having it come directly out of your wages means saving has never been easier.  In addition, surplus profits the credit union make are returned to our members in the form of a yearly dividend. Citysave is covered by the FSCS meaning your savings up to £75,000 are secure. 

Citysave also offer access to a pre-paid Visa Debit card which has great Cashback rewards as well as a budgeting tool to help stop you from overspending. 

By becoming a member of Citysave you also have the option to set up junior savings accounts for your children or grandchildren where you will have full access over the account until the child is sixteen. There is an added option of a junior pre-paid debit card for children between 8-16 years of age with an online link so you can check your child’s spending profile. This provides parents with greater control and visibility over the alternative option of handing out cash. 

Once the children reaches sixteen they will have access to their account and can start a savings plan of their own, while you, if you choose to, can also continue to save for them. 

For more information on Citysave Credit Union or to join please go to https://www.citysave.org.uk/howtojoin