Car Park Scheme

Staff wishing to join the car parking scheme to use on campus car parking must apply online from the Security intranet site.

If our allocated spaces on campus are full, you may need to join a waiting list until someone leaves the scheme and a space becomes vacant.

Staff must be employed on a permanent or fixed-term contract to be eligible to join the car parking scheme. Emeritus Professors are the only exception to this rule.

There is no parking available for temporary, casual or placement staff, or for students who are also carrying out paid work.

Details of the car parking charges and further information on car parking facilities can be found on the Security intranet pages http://www.aston.ac.uk/staff/security/staff-car-parking-scheme/

Flexible Benefits Scheme

Under the flexible benefits scheme, instead of the charge being collected from your net pay, you exchange an amount of gross salary that is equivalent to your car parking charge. The result being that you will pay less National Insurance, and thereby reducing the cost of car parking charges.

Opting Out

You may, if you wish, opt out of the arrangement and instead charges will be collected from your net pay (but you will be liable to pay more National Insurance).  If you wish to opt out please contact Peter Brookes, Pensions and Flexible Benefits Assistant.

What happens on maternity leave?

Car parking deductions and access will cease during maternity leave. Staff Car Parking Scheme members should confirm with their HR Advisor if they wish to retain access to the car park during their maternity leave. The payment will continue to be deducted from salary.

Please note: No other party can use their car parking access fob, permit or space during a scheme member's maternity leave. This includes colleagues, temporary staff or partners.

What happens on Long Term Sick Leave?

Staff on extended sick leave or other leave of absence will need to cancel their car parking payment. Please confirm this in writing to Payroll.

What happens on leaving employment?

On leaving the University, staff automatically leave the parking scheme and their payroll deductions are stopped and their fob deactivated.  If staff leave the University with the intention of being re-employed, even if there is only a month or two break they would need to re-apply to join the scheme, even if they still have their fob and permit.

Leavers should return their parking permit and fob to the Security Office on the last day of work.

What happens on retirement and returning to work under a different contract?

If, after your retirement date, you are going to be returning to work part time, or going onto a different contract, you can remain in the scheme only if you are employed on a permanent or fixed-term contract. If you return to work on a casual basis, you will not be eligible to remain in the scheme.

If you are returning as an unpaid emeritus member of staff, then you will need to gain specific advice about your car parking by contacting the Security Administrator.

Emeritus Professors:

The process for an Emeritus Professor is slightly different as they are not paid a salary.  In the first instance you must contact the Security Administrator by email to obtain an application/payment form and, once you have made your payment, either arrange for you to retain your current access fob, or arrange to meet you to hand over your fob and permit.  The payment rate will be equivalent to 50% of the lowest rate i.e. currently £163.80 per annum and will need to be paid in the form of an annual lump sum. 

Alternative Parking:

There is no occasional car parking facility on campus. Occasional parking is on the pay and display Visitor Car Park on Car Park 5.