Aston Innovation 100

Working together we can all play a part in making Aston a better place to study, work and live.

Many of the positive changes introduced over the last 12 months have all come about by students and staff acting in unison. 

We know that you have many untapped and undeveloped ideas that can help us improve the student and staff experience at Aston and make sure that the reputation of the University continues to improve.

How it works

Every month a member of the University Executive team or the Guild Executive team will set a specific challenge based on a real issue.

You can submit your ideas for tackling this challenge to The Executive owner by emailing to innovation100@aston.ac.uk.

A small panel from the University and the Guild, led by the Executive owner, will review all the entries and on the basis of which are most likely to improve the student or staff experience quickly, will decide on the winners.

There will be opportunities to join the panel every month. It will not be a closed shop.

Prizes on offer!

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • The best idea of the year

  • Runners up

  • Each idea that is implemented

Prizes will range from vouchers to weekends away – so it is worth getting involved.

Each month winners will be announced in Aspects and i- Aston and celebrated in an Aston Innovation 100 poster campaign.

By the end of the year, we hope to have at least 100 ideas brought to life and implemented.