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Aston Staff Portal support 

Before accessing the Aston Staff Portal, we recommend that you look at the Guidance.

For general HR queries, please contact your HR Advisor or Administrator.

For queries around using the Portal, contact the HR Systems team hrsystems@aston.ac.uk or ext 4004. 

News & Updates

Annual leave year and carry over of leave - April 2017/18

There is now a facility within the Staff Portal for managers to be able to add carry over of annual leave for their own employees. 

We will send full details to managers for the April 2017/18 annual leave year on what they need to do in due course, but be aware that you won’t be able to add carry over of leave until the new leave year starts on 1 April 2017.

Staff Expenses - Revised Monthly Deadline

Now that the online staff expenses system is implemented and the paper based system has ceased, we are able to extend the deadline for payment in the current month from the 10 th of each month to the 15 th of each month.

Please note that this is an approval deadline rather than a submission deadline, so you need to ensure your claim has been approved by this date. Any claims approved after the 15 th of each month will be paid the following month.

Aston Staff Portal Now Available Following Upgrade 

The Aston Staff Portal is now available following the upgrade to the latest version.

The new system provides some immediate improvements, which are detailed HERE, and also creates opportunities for further functionality which HR will be working to deliver over the coming months.   

If you have any questions please contact the HR Systems Team by e-mail to hrsystems@aston.ac.uk