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Before accessing the Aston Staff Portal, we recommend that you look at the Guidance.

For queries around using the Portal, contact hrsystems@aston.ac.uk

For general HR queries, please contact your HR Advisor or Administrator.

News and Updates

Portal Offline - 2 & 3 July 2015

Please accept our apologies, the Aston Staff Portal is offline on 2 July 2015 due to technical difficulties. You will not be able to login to the Portal until further notice. We hope to resolve this issue swiftly and will post here again once the Portal is back online.

Important Change to the Employee Dashboard - Your Pay Details (23/04/2015)

In response to feedback, we have moved the pay details on the employee dashboard to a separate tab to ensure confidentiality when logging in to book your annual leave. To access your payslip and bank details, you will now need to click on the Pay tab. 

Portal pay tab