Employee Travel Pass Scheme

As a result of Aston’s affiliation to Company Travelwise in Birmingham and the University’s on-going commitment to green transport, annual travel passes purchased under the Employee Travel Pass Scheme will be available at a discounted price.  Under the terms of the scheme the University will purchase the annual travel pass of your choice, and collect the cost from your pay in 12 monthly instalments if you are monthly paid, or over 52 weeks if you are weekly paid.  If you work term time only and you are not paid over 12 months the cost will be split over weeks/months worked.  The annual travel passes are discounted and offer the cheapest travel available within the region and the scheme could provide significant savings compared with passes purchased on a weekly or four weekly basis. 

Travel passes are available for purchase/renew three times per annum on specified dates during January, June and September.  

Application forms 

To download an Application Form for an Employee Travel Pass (new/renewal) please click one of the links below:

If you are unable to collect your travel pass on the date of issue please contact Barbara Power on extension 4583 (email:b.a.power@aston.ac.uk).