Kitted out and ready to go!

Rob Spurling

Shirt, Trousers, Trainers, Watch, Umbrella…

I’ve recently just collected my volunteers uniform, which I will be wearing throughout the Olympic Games (along with the 70,000 other volunteers). It will make us a clear and visible presence across the many different Olympic sites and venues. In addition to this, I’ve now got my accreditation pass to allow me into my venue – Wembley Arena. I’ll be working backstage during the Badminton event at Wembley Arena, in particular ensuring that staff have the right accreditation pass to access the various areas of the venue.

I still have my venue specific training coming up, where I will get to look around Wembley Arena and the new purpose built gym and training area next door to the Arena. That will give me a much clearer idea of where I’ll be working within the venue and give me a preview of how things will look when the Games are on. I have been down to Wembley Arena before, to watch the Badminton World Championships last year, however that was as a spectator. This time I will be looking around the backstage area and getting myself familiar with where people can and can’t go while the tournament is on. It will be interesting to see how things have changed since last year, which was used as a warm up event for the Olympics Badminton this summer.

Once I’ve been on that training, I will be ready to begin my first shift on 24th July. This will be in the week leading up to the opening ceremony, as the players get access to the venue to practice on the tournament courts before the matches kick off on Saturday 28th July. I’ll be helping throughout this practice period and the tournament itself, with a few days off in between shifts. I’ll be using a number of those days off to see a few other sports at the Olympics which I’m fortunate enough to have tickets to. I’m really looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere at the Olympics in London.

Certainly picking up my uniform has heightened my excitement for the Games. With just a few more weeks until it all kicks off and I start my volunteering role, I can’t wait to be involved and represent Aston University at the “Greatest Show on Earth!”

Written by Rob Spurling
6th July 2012