University Peer Mentoring Celebration

Peer mentoring students were treated to an evening of celebration dedicated to their achievements on 2 May

On Wednesday 2 May 2012, Aston students who have participated in the University Peer Mentoring scheme, were treated to an evening of celebration dedicated to their achievements. 

Mentors and Mentees received certificates for their involvement in the programme and awards were presented for 'Mentor of the Year' in categories corresponding to the different strands of the mentoring scheme. All students were congratulated by Professor Helen Higson at the event. 

Peer Mentoring, co-ordinated by the Learner Enhancement Team, has seen over 1500 students get involved this year, with mentors supporting mentees through every step of their time at Aston enabling students to make the most of their University experience.

Awards were presented to the following mentors for their outstanding support to students:

Rawaz Mawlud, LHS - Pre-entry E-Mentor of the Year

Umair Mughal, EAS – Transition Mentor of the Year

Zahia Khondoker, ABS – Placement Mentor of the Year

Mary Bada, ABS – Final Year Mentor of the Year

Denisa Dumitrascu, ABS – Peer Mentor of the Year

Denisa’s Mentee said: “I am very fortunate to have such a supportive and fun-loving mentor.  They never did the work for me, but instead they were determined to make me discover true achievements through hard work and motivation. I am grateful that we’ve been given the chance to take part in the mentoring programme. It has had an amazing impact on me."

Writing Mentors

The Learning Development Centre (LDC) has continued to offer academic writing support through its employment of Writing Mentors. Six mentors were employed this year and over two hundred tutorials were held. As in previous years, the hard work of the Writing Mentors was much appreciated by both staff and students. 

In a new collaboration for this year, the LDC also trained and worked with nine Second Year Biomedical Science students. The Second Years worked as Portfolio Mentors offering advice and guidance to First Year Biomedical Science students. This collaboration was highly successful and will continue next year. 

For further information please contact:

peermentoring@aston.ac.uk for Peer Mentoring

 ldc@aston.ac.uk for Writing Mentoring

Words by Sarah Warburton and John Murray
22 May 2012

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