Kilimanjaro climb to raise £50,000

Moutain Group Shot

20 Aston students will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in June in aid of Childreach International.

The team, being lead by final year students Alexander Woodcock and Ria Jocye, is set to raise £50,000. This has been raised over the year though a number of organised events, including cake sales, charity bag packs and a calendar involving Aston’s sports teams and not many clothes.

The charity organising the project, Childreach International, works in Tanzania, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Occupied Palestinian Territories, China, Peru and Cambodia. Working with the local communities to ensure children have access to healthcare, education, protection and their basic rights.

The group has a diverse selection of individuals from a number of backgrounds and a range of courses. Apart from the team leaders the group consists of; Courtney Kobylanski, Leanne Holman, Krishna Kataria, Justyna Zybaczynska, Carys Smith, Benjamin Haughton, Lauren Mitchell, Lucy Eastlake, Neil Gulrajani, Jack Williams,Jack Hooker, Steve Rosenthal, Michael Tomlinson, Helene Catel, Jonathan Willatt,Kimberley Fowler and Sally Gittings.

Departing on 21 June the group will fly overnight to Nairobi, before continuing onto to Moshi in Tanzania. They will then spend a day at a local ChildReach school where, with the help of the children, the team will be planting trees to offset their carbon footprint.

Courtney Kobylanski told Aspects: "I went along to the presentation about the trip back in September and I was so touched by what the charity does for children all over the world and instantly wanted to get involved. Especially as it meant pushing myself physically and mentally, to not only to raise the money, but to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. I really feel like I’m doing something good, making a difference. I’ve never done anything like this before but it’s not every day you get the chance to do something like this. Seven months later here I am, the least fit person in Aston University, taking the stairs instead of the lift and actually exercising! I’m so excited about the adventure that lies ahead."

For further information please contact Alexander Woodcock. To make a donation visit: www.donate2rag.tk.

Words by Lawrence Heath
16 May 2011

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