New look for the JobShop

New look for the JobShop

Over the summer, the University’s JobShop has been refurbished and is now a bright, modern and welcoming space. Prof Helen Higson is to officially reopen the JobShop on Tuesday 12 October but in the meantime, Aspects thought this would be a great opportunity to remind staff about the services the JobShop offers to staff here at Aston as well as students.

The University has an outstanding reputation for enhancing the employability skills of our students. The Students ‘ Jobshop located in the Students’ Guild contributes to this strength by providing a wide range of reliable part time, term time, employment for Aston’s students.

If your department or School is looking for casual or temporary staff, why not advertise these positions through the JobShop and save your own time and agency fees. The Jobshop offers professional recruitment services that are tailored to your individual needs. There are 5000 Aston students registered with the JobShop so you’ll have plenty of choice and by employing an Aston student, you will provide valuable work experience and enhance their employability. In return they would bring new and innovative ideas to your team – surely a win win situation?!

The JobShop can also offer one-to-one advice, provides help with CVs, gives interview technique assistance and much, much more.

Find out how the JobShop can help your department by speaking to Cathy Laird, JobShop Coordinator on ext 4829 or at c.b.laird@aston.ac.uk. Alternatively, pop along to the JobShop on the first floor of the Students’ Guild to speak to an advisor.

Words by Louise Russell 

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