University welcomes IIT Ropar students

IIT Ropar students visit Aston University

This summer Aston University has played host to three IIT Ropar students who have travelled from India to undertake a summer placement at the University.

The three engineering undergraduates have been working with academics from the University’s Engineering and Applied Science department, on different projects leaving them with great experience to take back to their place of study.

Computer science and engineering student Divya Sharma  has been working with Dr Aniko Ekart on software that can help generate and evaluate art. Talking of her experience at Aston, she commented, “We are having an amazing time here; it’s a great campus and everyone has been so friendly and helpful.”

Nitin Singhal, who is experiencing his first trip outside of India, is working with Professor Geoff Tansley on an existing project making artificial aortas from balloon pumps. He commented, “I have loved my first experience of the UK and the University is lucky to have such a great location in the city centre, there is always something to do!”

Finally Ishan Chhabra, has spent his summer looking at redesigning and visualising Google search result, with Professor Ian Nabney.  He added, “I have loved working on this project and have gained a lot from it. We think this is a great scheme and will be recommending it to all students at IIT Ropar when we return.” He added, “We are definitely considering doing postgraduate study in the field of engineering, and would be more than happy to return to Aston!”

The scheme is part of a bigger initiative that aims to create mutual research opportunities and strengthen the relationship across the Engineering disciplines of the two institutes.

IIT Ropar is one of eight new Indian Institutes of Technology set up by the Indian Government that aims to expand the reach and enhance the quality of technical education in the country.

Words by Munira Jasat

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