Aspects says goodbye to the Student Guild Executive 2009/10!

Students' Guild Executive 2009/10. L-R: Colin Shaw, Sarah Long, Rehana Yasin and Luke Chadbourne

With a newly elected Student Guild Executive in place for 2010/11, Aspects talks to the outgoing team about their achievements over the year. Colin Shaw (Guild President), Rehana Yasin (Vice President Education and Welfare), Sarah Long (Vice President Finance and Communications) and Luke Chadbourne (Vice President Student Involvement) tell us about what they have done for the Students’ Guild...

How would you sum up your time on the executive team?

Colin: A complete rollercoaster! It has been a fantastic year and we’ve all worked really with the University.

Luke: It has been a challenging year but definitely a great experience.

What have been your biggest achievements?

Rehana: One World Week was a huge success and a great event for all those involved and who attended.

Sarah: Together as an executive, we have made a larger impact than previous year’s on the University; we have made them listen to us and there has been a lot more collaboration.

Colin: The multi-faith prayer space has been a great achievement as well as the dramatically improved Guild reception foyer.

What challenges have you faced?

Colin: Saving ARC (Advice & Representation Centre) has definitely been the biggest challenge we faced, with the issue coming as a complete surprise.

Rehana: In the short time that we had left to do something, we fought to save as much as we could to try and make the University change their decision.

Sarah: It is still an ongoing issue and we hope the University’s resolution will be best for all concerned.

Luke: Saving the nursery was another huge challenge we dealt with, but we are pleased to see that this has now been resolved, with alternative arrangements in place.

How do you think you have improved the Guild and student experience?

Colin: Financially, the Guild is in a much better position. We as an executive all hold the same passion for the Guild and have the same intentions, which is why we have all worked so well together.

Rehana: The 2009 Aunties have received the best feedback that there has been yet and they all did a fantastic job. This year has seen students becoming much more involved with the Guild with a significant improvement in international student involvement.

Sarah: The Guild’s relationship with other departments in the University has dramatically improved and hopefully will continue to do so. Furthermore, there has been a vast improvement in student-Guild communications with the placement letters and the new Guild newsletters both being a huge success.

Luke: The Woodcock redevelopment is now fully in action, with the swimming pool remaining in place. Future students will be able to benefit from massively improved gym facilities as well as the addition of a new 2-storey studio for various classes and activities.

What advice do you give to the 2010/11 Student Executive?

Colin: Plan, plan, plan!

Rehana: Work as a team and don’t be afraid to develop your own ideas.

Luke: Put your own stamp on the Guild.

Sarah: Don’t forget that the small things can make a big difference.

What do you all have planned for the future now that your time on the Executive has come to an end?

Colin: I have a new role working in corporate fundraising for the Birmingham’s Children Hospital, so I shall still be close by!

Rehana: I am yet to decide, but am considering postgraduate study or something in the field of teaching.

Luke: Travel, be outdoors and continue to meet lots of new people. I am considering a future as a sports coach.

Sarah: We are never going to find any other job like this again, there are so many options on where to go from here.

Any final comments for Aspects?

Colin: For the first time in the history of the Student Executive, all four of us have been granted Guild Honorary Life Membership so this is not the end of our Guild involvement just yet!  

Aspects wishes them all the best for the future and the best of luck to the new Executive!

Words by Munira Jasat