Aston University bucks national trend on graduate employment

Graduation ceremomy at Birmingham Town Hall

Aston students are again among the most employable in the UK, with over 80 per cent of our 2009 graduates finding graduate- level employment against a national average of less than 65%.

The Higher Education Careers Service Unit’s (HECSU) latest statistics show that the number of UK graduates unable to find work has reached levels not seen since 1993, with graduate unemployment rising to 8.9 per cent, up one per cent from the previous year. Graduate level employment also dropped to 63% nationally.

Aston has reversed this national decline in graduate-level employment, with 81.8 per cent of our students entering into graduate-level jobs, up from 80 per cent last year. It is the third successive year that Aston’s graduate level employment has been at 80 per cent or above, placing Aston well above the national UK graduate employment average. ‘Graduate level’ jobs are defined by the government as those careers which are professional in nature and/or where a degree was a necessary or preferred requirement for the role.

The latest success for Aston in HECSU statistics follow on from figures from the same survey released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) for 2009 graduates. These highlighted that Aston’s graduate employment levels were the highest in the West Midlands and above fellow established universities including Birmingham, Loughborough and Warwick amongst many others.

The University also has 60 per cent of students enrolled on degrees involving sandwich placement years, the highest of any UK university.

Words by Alex Earnshaw

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The following link is to the Graduate Destinations information on the University's Careers pages. You should be able to find the information you are after there. http://www1.aston.ac.uk/current-students/careers-centre/graduate-destinations/Ben McAree08/11/2010 10:00:40
May I request a list of the companies that are hiring Aston graduates?Anonymous User04/11/2010 15:28:53