Steps for safe fire evacuation

Main building

Following a recent fire evacuation of the Main Building and North and South Wings, it appears there is some confusion over how to evacuate the building. Please familiarise yourself with the following ‘safe steps for evacuation’:

On hearing stage one of the fire alarm (intermittent sounder)

Stop and begin making safe any processes and equipment like you were closing down for the end of the day.

On hearing stage two of the fire alarm (two tone warble)

Evacuate immediately using the nearest safe exit by following the green and white signs (not using your normal route into the University) make your way to the designated assembly point Vauxhall/Lakeside Parade (by the Lake).


Should the fire alarm stop sounding whilst you are evacuating

Continue to evacuate as above. The alarms may have been silenced at the request of the emergency services so they can communicate via two way radio.

Alarms have been silent for some time now, can I re-enter the building?

No. Please wait at the assembly point until you are instructed by Security or Fire Officer in charge to either re-enter the building. However, if the incident is likely to take a particularly long time or in the case of inclement weather, additional instructions will be provided.

Emergency situation is on-going and it is now time for me to go home. Can I re-enter the building to collect personal belongings i.e. car keys, purse, etc?

No. When the fire service attend an emergency situation they automatically take charge, and will not allow staff to return to the building until it is safe to do so. Once the emergency stage is over, they will return control to senior management who then make plans for a safe return. It is recommended that where possible, staff prepare contingency plans for this eventuality.

If anyone would like further clarification please contact David White, Fire Safety Adviser, on 4805 or whiteda@aston.ac.uk.

1 December 2011