Aston Placements support team structure

I am pleased to inform you that the reorganisation of the Aston Placement team is now complete and the team will be in place formally from 1 August 2011. In fact much activity has already started, in order to make the transition to new systems as smooth as possible and to ensure seamless support to students and employers. The new team will be meeting during July to sort a lot of logistical arrangements, including their physical location.

The key objectives of the new structure are:

  • To increase the number of students undertaking a placement year and to develop more opportunities for other work-based experience

  • To offer an enhanced service to employers and to increase the number of placements and work based learning opportunities

  • To continue to link with the Careers and Employability Centre and academic staff to help create the most employable students.

The Placements Team members will be organised into a team which will offer support to students and school staff and another team who will support employers and encourage them to employ our students. The structure ensures that there will be good links between the two teams.

The Placement Team will be led by Director of Employability, Nicola Turner, who will also lead the Careers and Graduate Advantage (GA) teams. Etta Parkes will take on the role of Head of Placements and Clara Wilcox will be Graduate Advantage Project Manager.

Members of the team are:

Dashi Alpion - School Placement Coordinator

Liz Byrne - Internship Coordinator, Graduate Advantage

Ruth Clarke - Marketing/Finance Executive, Graduate Advantage

Rachel Cox - International Business Development Manager

Hilary Fletcher - Marketing Executive

Claire Goodwin - Marketing/Finance Executive, Graduate Advantage

Emily Hammond - School Placement Coordinator

Serena Johal - Project Assurance Coordinator, Graduate Advantage

Carolyn Keenan - Student Placement Manager

Cathy Laird - Job Shop Manager

Emma Mason - International Placement Coordinator

Claire Merriman - Lead Placement Coordinator

Sheila Rattu - Business Relationship Manager, Graduate Advantage

Sandra Roberts - Marketing and Compliance Manager, Graduate Advantage

Angie Robinson - Employer Team Manager

Carolina Salinas - International Placement Manager

Victoria Sheedy - Marketing Executive

Julie Stonall - Internship Manager, Graduate Advantage

There were a number of other important matters raised during the consultation period which will be addressed during the transition to the new organisational structure. The timeline for the changes will be thought through carefully.

On behalf of the University, I would like sincerely to thank all staff and students who have offered constructive feedback during this consultation process.

Professor Helen Higson
Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor

14 July 2011