New procedure for the creation of Network User Accounts

From Monday 1 August 2011 there will be a new procedure for the creation of staff network user accounts which will mean that the accounts are created prior to staff joining the University. 

With effect from this date it will no longer be necessary for departments to directly request the setup of user accounts from ISA; all accounts will be generated through the entry of new appointments onto the HR system. Once HR knows that a new member of staff is starting (i.e. on acceptance of their job offer, or on receipt of a correctly completed form from the department for casual or sessional staff), the information will be put into the HR system. This will trigger the automatic creation of a network user account, details of which will be given to the individual and their manager.  

New, revised forms for notifying HR about casual and sessional staff are available from the HR webpages: http://www1.aston.ac.uk/staff/hr/useful-forms/. It is important that these are received in HR in advance of the start of the appointment so that there is no delay in setting up network user accounts.

Where there is an emergency need to enable immediate access, or if the person hasn’t been ‘appointed’ i.e. contractor or agency staff, they will be directed to a temporary account setup form and the account will be assigned an end date. To distinguish these accounts they will be prefixed with ‘t‘.

This new arrangement ensures that we have an accurate record at all times of those individuals who have a working relationship with the University. It will ensure that necessary HR checks can be completed, particularly immigration checks. We intend to send details of network user account to individuals, in advance of their start date at Aston, which will support better communication with them before they arrive. We are currently working on an improved web page for new staff starters which will also cover some essential induction information and this will be available by the end of August at the latest  Also, because everyone will receive an email account we hope to promote email use with those staff groups who traditionally have not used it.  

To support this new process all existing staff on the HR system will be matched to a network account. Any network accounts that are not associated to a current member of staff will be disabled and ultimately removed. The account will remain available for reactivation for 12 months, but it will not be possible to access the account during this time. 

Please address any queries about this new arrangement to Ann Hartley or Chris Phillips both in HR, or Steve Goodman in ISA. 

Words by Ann Hartley
11 July 2011

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