Excellent customer service from LIS

LIS has just had its first annual continuing compliance assessment for the Customer Service Excellence Award, awarded last year by Cabinet Office.

This year LIS increased its score from 87% to 95%, thanks to improved consultation with customers and evidence that customers are satisfied with the outcome of complaints and suggestions they make. The assessor measures 57 standards for customer service, based on an evidential submission, observation of practice, and interviews with students, LIS staff and colleagues from around the University.

The assessor expressed his amazement at the difference made by the Library's refurbishment, and said that feedback from students about both the service and the refurbishment was overwhelmingly positive. The question he was asked most often was “When is the rest of the Library going to be done?” He particularly commended the Library's  Information Specialists for their proactive approach to work with the Schools.

LIS would like  to thank colleagues for their support in providing evidence that contributed to this success.

Words by Angela Brady
18 March 2011

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