Main Building wiring inspection

The University has a statutory duty to inspect and test the fixed wiring within all the buildings for it to comply with The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and this summer the Main Building is being tested.

View the programme for floors being tested

The initial testing requires individual circuits in all fuse boards to be identified. To do this, a circuit is made dead and the electrician will visit as many rooms as possible to verify the locations that that particular circuit feeds.

The next stage of this work will require individual fuse boards to be made completely dead to test back to the main distribution system. The contractor will inform the person responsible for that area when this work will take place.

The last phase of the work involves installing new distribution board labels and circuit schedules. This work does not require making dead any circuits.

When any of the above works are done, it is very important to involve you and your Department. I need as much information and feed back as possible to cause the minimum of down time and to avoid any damage to equipment, experiments or computer data.

Many thanks

Trevor Owens (ext 4336)

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