Further opportunities to obtain annual employee travel passes: New passes available this month

Employee Travel Pass Scheme

Dear Colleague

We are increasing the number of occasions when annual travel passes will be made available to staff. The scheme has now been extended to offer staff the chance of purchasing annual travel passes up to three times per annum on specified dates during January, May and September.

For staff who did not order travel passes at the last distribution in September, there will be opportunity to buy annual passes which will become valid from 24 January 2010. As a result of Aston’s affiliation to Company Travelwise in Birmingham and the University’s on-going commitment to green transport*, travel passes purchased under the Employee Travel Pass Scheme will be available at a discounted price. Under the terms of the scheme the University will purchase the annual travel pass of your choice, and collect the cost from your pay in 12 monthly instalments if you are monthly paid, or over 52 weeks if you are weekly paid. The annual travel passes are discounted and offer the cheapest travel available within the region and the scheme could provide significant savings compared with passes purchased on a weekly or four weekly basis. Travel West Midlands and Centro have prepared details which provide information about the full range of passes available and examples of the savings you could achieve. This information is available on the HR website:  http://www1.aston.ac.uk/staff/hr/benefits/travelpassscheme/. Hard copies of this information are available from Human Resources.

If you wish to take advantage of the Scheme:

i)          Complete the application form and return it to Barbara Power, Human Resources, by Wednesday 13 January 2010.  If your form has not been received by this date we cannot guarantee a pass will be available for you on the date of issue.


ii)         Bring a passport sized colour photograph of yourself (or your photo id from your out of date travel pass) to room G79 (Main Building, Ground Floor, HR Meeting Room) between 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm on Tuesday 19 January 2010.  Please also bring your University identity card. 

The passes will become valid from 24 January 2010 and will expire on Saturday 22 January 2011. 

If you require any further information about the type of travel passes available you may call either Philip Smith of Travel West Midlands Tel. 0121-254-7257 or Maxine Doyle of Centro Tel. 0121-214-7079

If you leave the University, or for any reason need to change your travel mode, you may return your Travel pass to the University and, on payment of any adjusting balance and a £5 administration fee, terminate the agreement.  If you leave the University or discontinue instalments for any reason before payment is complete, and you do not return your Travel pass, the balance due will be collected from your salary.  If this is not possible an invoice will be issued.  For more advice on terminating the agreement you should contact Barbara Power (extension 4583).

If you are not sure whether the scheme can apply to you or you want to take advantage of the scheme but you are not paid regularly on a weekly or monthly basis, please contact Barbara Power ext 4583 for further information.

Yours sincerely

Cliff Vidgeon

Head of HR Operations

*Details of the University’s commitment to sustainable transport and other useful information can be found on www.aston.ac.uk/environment/transport.

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