Join Aston's Race for Life team

2008 Race for life team

5Km race at Sandwell Valley Country Park
Sunday 28th June at 2.30pm

Last year a team of over 100 female staff and students got together in Cannon Hill Park in June and ran, jogged or walked 5Km to raise funds for Cancer Research. Everyone who participated enjoyed the experience. I get an e-mail every week asking; Can we do it again in 2009? or; How much did we raise in the end? The answers are yes and about £13,000 with gift aid!

What is the money used for?

More than 1 in 3 people in the UK will develop cancer during their lifetime and there are over 200 different types of cancer. More people in this country survive cancer now than ever before thanks to earlier detection and better treatments.

Cancer Research UK is the World’s leading independent organisation dedicated to finding out how to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer - if you would like to support the work of Cancer Research UK - you can!

There is no race in Cannon Hill Park this year so we have chosen the race at Sandwell Valley Country Park on Sunday 28th June at 2.30pm. We are hoping that a large number of female staff and students will join us again this year. 

Register on the Cancer Research UK website and follow the link to enter a 5Km race. Alternatively you can call 0871 641 2282 to enter. Put in the postcode B4 7ET, choose Sandwell Valley Country Park and register for the 2.30pm race, as 11am is full. Put Aston University as the employer name.

Let me know when you have registered so that I can keep in touch with you!

Words by Julia Brown

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