People Awards at Aston Business School

Dr Omneya Abd-Elsalam

The 2009 People Awards for excellence and innovation were once again held at Aston Business School (ABS) recently at a lunch time reception.

Professor Mike West, Executive Dean for the Business School, celebrated the achievements of those who have excelled and shown considerable innovation to achieve key goals over the last year at the awards, on Wednesday 1st July.

Winners from across ABS and the University were recognised for their achievements. These include:

Jenny Holt – Examinations Officer and Laura Hawkridge – Examinations Assistant

Jenny and Laura were given an award in recognition of their continuing professionalism and excellent service to the School. They have continued to be innovative within their roles by introducing on-line case studies.

Professor Jim Love – Associate Dean Research

Jim was given an award in recognition of leading the school in the recent RAE. He has continued to be innovative and an inspiration to other colleagues. The School had an ambitious £3m research target this year and this has already been exceeded.

Dr Omneya Abd-Elsalam – Lecturer

Omneya was awarded in recognition for the innovative work she has done around Islamic Business. Following a very successful ‘Islamic Business The Way Forward’ event held on 2 June, Omneya has been developing ideas on an Islamic Centre to be based at the School. The first Islamic Business Executive Education programme is also scheduled to take place this year.

Catherine Foster – Widening Participation Co-ordinator

Catherine was given an award in recognition of her work in developing the on-line module choice system for students. This has made the process much easier for students choosing their modules and eradicated the confusion that was caused previously.

Zeenat Ahmad – CPMP Executive

Zeenat was recognised for her professional support to colleagues. She is friendly, engaging and warm and is full of excellent ideas. She continues to manage CPMP and the introduction of the e-zine has been extremely successful.

Dr Ian Combe – Lecturer

Ian was recognised for his outstanding commitment and exemplary results in taking the UG programme forward and his dedication at leading the MSc

Nicola Bullivant – Placements Manager

Nicola was awarded for leading an ABS project into improving services to students. The project was delivered on time and a detailed report was delivered to Management Team. All recommendations outlined in the report were supported. Nicola has urgency about everything she does and always makes sure the School meets its objectives. 

Debbie Evans – Research Administrator

Debbie was given an award in recognition of her research activity to support early career researchers. She organised the annual junior research away day and has identified ways that the School can improve.

Julie Clarke - Cleaner In Charge, Aston Business School

Julie was awarded for her services to ABS. She was recognised for her pro-active approach in keeping ABS a clean and enjoyable environment to work in. She is an inspiration for the School.

Gurpal Rai – ABS School Accountant

Gurpal received an award in recognition of his dedication to the School’s finances. Budget holders are confident in the way that finances are being managed and applaud the endless work that has gone in improving the way finances are presented. It is no small measure that the School is in an excellent state financially; this is down to the work undertaken by Gurpal.

Jane Matthiesen – Lecturer

Jane was awarded for being positive, hardworking and dedicated to students. She has created collegiality within the group and there is a sense of community.

Naomi Brookes – Senior Lecturer

Naomi received an award for re-launching the DBA programme and also her continued commitment to CPMP. She has brought positive PR and businesses into the School which will ensure long-term working partnerships. What Naomi has achieved has transformed what we do and the way in which we do it.

Tony Bray - Distributed Systems Engineer

Tony received an award for his outstanding contributions to Customer Service to all members of staff within the School. He was recognised for always going the extra mile and always being eager to help.

Dr Claudia Sacramento – Lecturer

Claudia was awarded an award for being a great colleague who is always willing to help. She is an innovative and inspiring teacher. Her contribution has been positive and she is, in the words of her colleagues, a wonderful person.

Words by Ruth Green 




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