The new Sport Aston Gym at Priestley Wharf is now open!

The temporary gym at Priestley Wharf

Woodcock Sports Centre closed its doors to the public on Monday 2 August for the last time until the major refurbishment works are complete (expected August 2011).

The Sport Aston Gym at Priestley Wharf is the replacement Gym whilst these works are being completed... and what a replacement it is!

The location of the temporary gym

Located just 100 yards opposite Woodcock Sports Centre, the temporary Gym is light, modern and spacious, with views over an impressive courtyard and the canal.

The light, modern, spacious gym has views over an impressive courtyard and the canal.

You will notice some immediate improvements:

  • The Gym will be staffed at all times by qualified gym instructors

  • The opening hours have been increased. The Sport Aston Gym is now open from 6:45am - 10pm Monday - Friday and 10am - 7pm at weekends.

  • The prices for any staff gym memberships for 2010/11 have been frozen at the same rate as 2009/10. You can still pay up front for your membership or have it taken directly from your payroll. Check out the full price list.

All aerobics and Yoga classes/courses will now take place from Gem Sports Centre where the upstairs area has been converted into a Dance and Yoga Studio. Click here for a list of summer aerobics classes taking place right now.

There is a Woodcock Sports Centre refurbishment page where you can see the latest news and information on the refurbishment – which can easily be added to your favourite pages for easy access. There is also a Woodcock Refurbishment update mail list where you can be the first to receive any news on the refurbishment of Woodcock Sports Centre. Just email s.j.foster1@aston.ac.uk with “Woodcock refurbishment” in the subject field.

Words by Simon Foster

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