Campus Developments: September 2009

Here is the third news bulletin from the Estates & Facilities team to accompany the monthly newsletter featured on their website. The following information will kepp you bang up to date with the latest campus developments.   

Estates Management

  • The main Infrastructure Project has recently started with O’Briens as the lead contractor.  The site offices are located in Car Park 6 opposite the Day Hospital. This project will complete circa mid-April 2010 and will provide all the heating, power, mains water, fire main and communications services to the new residences and, in addition, 50% of the campus. The initial works will be on the new driveway from Jennens Road and within the Carillion compound along Jennens Road and the boulevard. The later part will run along the boulevard in front of the Library and from the boulevard towards GEM Sports. 

  • Thomas Vale have been appointed by Birmingham City Council to start the project on the opposite side of Woodcock Street to build a new BCC Office building to accommodate 2200 office based staff. They are starting to set up their site compound over the next few weeks, and into the early part of October they will start road restrictions in Woodcock Street and Heneage Street until completion in 2011. As a consequence of this there will be no parking allowed immediately surrounding the site and there is likely to be additional parking enforcements along Woodcock Street. Aside from the parking restrictions, the biggest impact to the University community is likely to be with the ABS/Conference Centre and to a lesser extent, Vision Sciences/Library/Woodcock Sports. Estates & Facilities will advise when further programme details become available.
  • The short term EBRI project will be starting on site on Wednesday 9 September and complete towards the end of November.
  • The project will involve redevelopment of the courtyard side of Main Building first floor between B and C lifts but will need close liaison with regard to noise. Consultation has taken place with areas likely to be affected and we have arranged for high volume works to start at 6am.
  • Following the Wayfinding project, the tenders have recently been received for the new signage, with programmed completion in December. 

Environment & Sustainability

  • Sofia and Victoria attended the West Midlands Renewable Energy Technology Business event in July, featuring a keynote speech from Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, and a panel of Advantage West Midlands, Friends of the Earth and business representatives.

  • The Environment Team have been working with Operon and the City Council to set up a recycling trial in Lakeside Residences. This has been running successfully for the last month. 

  • The planned cycle shelters are being constructed around campus. There are now five locations completed and two more which are being discussed and will hopefully be in place before the start of the new term. 

  • The Environment Team will be attending the Aston Welcome Weeks, together with the Student Switch Off, AstBUG, Cycle Chain and WhizzGo car club, to promote a sustainable lifestyle to our new students. 

  • The Janitor Ltd will be coming onto campus this week to do some promotional filming of our male toilet facilities. The facilities now use new technologies to reduce water consumption. 

  • Aston will be hosting a screening of ‘The Age of Stupid’ for students in October as part of the Student Switch Off campaign.


  • Repairs to the Reception ceilings are complete. Two floor tiles accidentally damaged during the works are to be replaced shortly.
  • Repairs to black handrails on the Ground Floor of the Main Building are in progress. Completion is expected on Saturday 12 September.
  • Repairs to the water feature opposite the Sack of Potatoes pub has started. Completion will be on Tuesday 15 September depending on the contractor, Weatherite.
  • External 'coping' stone has been ordered for the Ground Floor wall adjacent to the Reception entrance. Delivery is expected during September.

Minor Projects/Space Management

  • Work on the EBRI project commences on Wednesday 9 September. Noise is expected but will be restricted around teaching times from the commencement of the academic term.


  • Excellent arrest of four youths for an assault on another and his girlfriend. Spotted on CCTV camera as the assault started, all four assailants fled from the scene and split up, all caught at different locations across the campus. All were non-students who just use the area to ‘hang out’.  All four youths were arrested by Police. Banning orders are being sought against all four. 
  • The new Security Mess Room is now completed and in use.
  • Precautions were taken and Security staff increased over the last weekend after being warned by West Midlands Police that the University could be in the firing line during the planned protests and demonstrations. As it was, we were not affected as the trouble did not stray from the city centre.
  • 32 car parking spaces have been lost within Car Park 6, until next April. At present, there is nowhere else to offer staff to park so complaints could be forthcoming. The situation however WILL be monitored and there are 50 spaces available within Millennium Point which, if the offer of these discounted spaces is taken up, could be available for staff to use who are displaced from Car Park 6.
  • All systems within the Security department are in full operation and the planned transfer of CCTV systems from outlying buildings is in action. 

Words by Claire Whelpton


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